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企业培训 解决方案

课程可以是 交付现场

课程可以是 交付现场 at your business, for credit or non-credit. Contact us for more information about our programs and services or (276)739-2496.

We provide a variety of low cost, quality training programs to many area businesses, 行业, and government organizations in the Bristol, 华盛顿县, and Western Smyth County region.



评估 are a part of what we do to better serve our business and industry clients. We offer the following assessments to help you make a better educated decision during the hiring process and to help identify training needs before they become a performance issue that leads to turnover.

  • ACT工作键 & The 维吉尼亚州 Career Readiness Certificate
  • 班纳特机械
  • 阀瓣

客户服务 培训

We all know that it takes a large investment of time and money to win a customer but only seconds to lose one due to service issues. Our customer service training programs not only focus on the importance of providing stellar service but also provide key takeaway tools your employees can utilize to continue delighting your customers and growing your business.

电脑 培训

The average US worker already spends one-third of his/her workday at a computer and one-quarter of the workday on the Net. Is your software investment producing the results you want or would computer training enhance your return on investment? 劳动力培训 & Continuing Education at VHCC provides training for all Microsoft desktop applications, Adobe, 以及网络开发, 仅举几个例子.

专业 & Supervisory Development, Leadership and Critical 技能

A recent survey of employers in Smyth County, 维吉尼亚州, found the most common traits of a good employee were a positive work ethic, 积极的态度, and desire to learn and be trained. In fact “soft skills,” or what 劳动力 Development & Continuing Education at VHCC likes to call critical skills, were top among the 60 plus traits identified in the study.

We have many resources to provide supervisory, 领导, 个人发展, and critical skills training to your employees. In partnership with AchieveGlobal and other leading researchers and developers of 领导 and management programs, 劳动力 Development & Continuing Education at VHCC is able to offer high quality, affordable training.

Command 西班牙®

Has your company identified the need to communicate with Hispanics? 我们可以帮忙. Believing that occupational Spanish is an important part of the curriculum for the 21st Century, 西班牙®命令, 公司. has rigorously researched community needs and produced a wide variety of intelligent, no-nonsense programs for adult learners who need job-specific Spanish. Occupational Spanish is real Spanish that is taught to real people who have real language needs.

  • Spanish for Industry, Manufacturing & 仓库
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
  • 护理学西班牙语
  • Spanish for Construction Sites
  • Spanish for Hotel and Restaurant 工作人员
  • 再加上更多

安全 & Occupational 健康 培训

Quality training protects and improves the health, 安全, and well-being of your employees and positively impacts your bottom line. 劳动力 Development & Continuing Education at VHCC offers a variety of training options that will improve your business performance by keeping workers safe, 熟练的, 和生产.

  • OSHA 10 & 30 hour General Industry Certification
  • OSHA 10 hour Construction Certification
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • 急救 & 心肺复苏 
  • 健身 & 健康
  • 电气安全

技术与贸易 相关培训

Staying competitive is the name of the game in today’s global economy. Keeping your 熟练的 workers trained on the latest technology is critical to help you maintain your competitive edge. 我们可以帮忙. We’re ready to deliver a variety of customized, trade related training to your employees.

  • Fork lift certification
  • Statistical process control
  • 阅读蓝图
  • 焊接
  • PLC) 
  • 数控
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